Monday, May 4, 2009

Kalamkari [Lord Shiva]

Kalamkari is an exquisite ancient craft of painted and printed fabrics. It derives its name from "Kalam" meaning Pen, and "Kari" meaning work, literally Pen-work. It is hand painting as well as block printing with vegetable dyes.

Very old, this art knew it's apogee in the rich person kingdom of Golconde [ the current city of Hyderabad,Andra Pradesh]. It has evolved through trial and error over the last 3000 years. Techniques of craftsmanship in Kalamkari were handed down within the families from generation to generation.

In Andra Pradesh, both the Masulipatnam and Srikalahasti villages are recognised as major centres for Kalamkari painting. Thus came the two styles of Kalamkari painting - Masulipatnam style ans Srikalahasti style.


Anand said...


The painting looks marvellous,Superb!
Excellent work. Where did you learn this?

See this link also:

RAVI said...

Woh. Madhoo, you are a gifted child. You have very bright future in this line of art which would take you to greater heights

With Love

V Raviganesh

Anonymous said...

I am Shankari it is realy superb. no more words to express wat a wonderful work u hav done.Pl u try the entire famly like siva parvathi murugar and ganesha in a single.

my best wishes to u

my mail id is

Nithya said...


All your paintings are amazing. I am awestruck. Brilliant work and absolutely perfect with colors. Truly inspiring. I am badly wanting to learn all these soon. :)

Here for the first time and sure to be back often. Keep it going.

Do take a peep into my blogs when you find time.


Anonymous said...

All your work are awesome . you have done all the different kind of traditional form of indian paintings in its perfect form..
It would be really useful if you can post the tutorials for the same especially kalamkari, kerala mural,madhubani etc , basically the materials using which they can be done...
Hats off to you - such a multi-faceted personality

Poornima said...

Hi, this is Poornima..m stunnned by your works... :) all the best for your future endeavours ...