Friday, September 14, 2012

Saraswati - Kalamkari Painting

This is a painting of Hindu Goddess Saraswathi in Kalamkari style.


Archana Vivek said...

So beautiful Mathangi. Every bit of the picture is so nice and beautiful. Keep them coming.

Mathu said...

Thank you so much :-)

Unknown said...

Top Class ! U R back with a bang !! Great.

Unknown said...

Very very nice. U R back with a bang ! Great. BTW, is the second picture part of the first one ?


miradha said...

Overall the painting is very good...but could have concentrated more on the facial expression. Choice of colours red, white and black is fantastic!

Mathu said...

Yes dad :-)

Mathu said...

Thanks dear... Will improve on facial expression in my next painting!

Mathu said...

Thank you! :-)

gowri rajagopal said...

hi mathangi your painting is really very beautiful. and keep up your great work.

dokka srinivasu said...

Mathu madam

You are very talented and versatile artist. Your creativity and art work is God's gift to you. Please keep up this work continuously.

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research diaries said...

Just came to your blog while blog hopping, you are really talented. Keep up the good work. Out of curiosity, do you paint the Kalamkaris on cloth and do you actually use block dyes...or are these made on cloth with acrylic paints?

Mathu said...

Thanks :-) Glad you like my painting.
I dont have access to block dyes. So I just painted with poster colours on canson sheets.

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Atima said...

Wow! These are amazing.