Friday, June 6, 2008


The word patachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word "pata", which means a painted piece of cloth, a picture, a tablet or a plate; "chitra" means painting or picture. Elements of folk and sophisticated art and craft characterise each finely executed patachitra. It is the traditional art of ORISSA. The intricate picture is drawn using vegetable colours on a special fabric (matha). This fabric is stuck to a wooden base using glue(kaitha atha).


vedagiri said...

Excellent. Worthy of displaying in an Art Gallery.

Sundar said...

Yes indeed its a nice piece of work and as Mr. Vedagiri said it has to be in some art gallery. I have been saying this to u for more than a year now. Unfortunately my dreams of starting a Gallery dint work. Else i could have initiated the credit flow for ur works.